What is Writing Together?

Writing Together is fun, heart-felt, spontaneous, no-spell-check-necessary writing. Writing Together fosters connections and community, memories and laughter, stories and listening. Writing Together acknowledges that our words are gifts. Writing Together is celebration and ceremony in the moment.

Your guides, your facilitators, your partners in writing together are Roxanne Sadovsky and Amber D. Stoner. We create a supportive, encouraging atmosphere for the flowing of your words and the sharing of your stories by providing simple, fun word prompts.

Let’s try one! Get out a piece of paper and a pencil, pen, crayon, or whatever writing implement you like and write down this phrase, “Today I heard”. Now complete the phrase. Don’t think too hard. Just keep writing.

At a Writing Together party, we would all write together silently, then we would have the opportunity to share. Oh, the stories that emerge!! We all hear different things: the coffee grinder, slippered footsteps, laughter, the rumbling garbage trucks, the swishing, swashing, clinking, clanking of the dishwasher.

If it’s a birthday party, we might warm up with a few more prompts and then each write a birthday letter to the guest of honor. These letters can be read aloud and, if wanted, ultimately gathered in a keepsake book.

Writing Together is an experience. Contact Roxanne (rox@superok.com) or Amber (amber.d.stoner@gmail.com) to schedule a writing party for your next special event (birthday, bridal or baby shower, book club, and more!)




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