Prompt: Purple Origami Crane

In most of my writing with Roxanne, we have used verbal prompts to start. There’s been the occasional crayon color or the focus on the sound of a certain word, but mostly very clear verbal clues on where to start writing, so the other day when a purple origami crane was placed on the plate of cookies as the prompt I waited patiently for what to write on. The woman who had received the crane from her younger brother offered nothing. The crane was the prompt. Oh my. I picked up my pen and wrote: Origami. After a quick pep talk to myself (just go with it, don’t think, write, see where it takes you), this is (an excerpt of) what I wrote:

“Origami. Folded paper. Purple paper. A little crinkled because it’s been carried lovingly here in a bag. Settled among the cookies: Samoas-my fav. Girl Scout Cookies, chocolate chip, vanilla sugar cookie, I think. It’s a still life. Large, round, thick deep blue plate holding cookies and crane, folded carefully. What other colors has he used? Does he have origami paper-does he cut his own? The ceiling lights cast multiple shadows of my had on the page. Still life. Still. I love that word-it’s meditativeness. It looks like how meditation, calmness, becoming still feels. First the “s”, curvy, which way does it want to go? Back and forth, on the move, then the “t”, resolving into straight lines, but at odds. So close. Then the “i”, things are shaping up, calming down, almost connected, but a part hovers above. Finally, the “l”, a one, a unit, a stillness, wholeness. And another “l” to solidify, clarify, reinforce the previous one. Still.”

I never know what will come out. I’m always discovering when I write with Rox. 


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