What happens in spring…

Allergies happen, that’s what. Yeah, yeah, I know tulips and daffodils bloom and the sun shines longer, people wear shorts and kids jump in puddles and there’s a general aura of euphoria. But I know you allergy-suffers are out there and that last week around Tuesday you went for a walk and sneezed and your eyes itched and your throat felt like someone had taken a rasp to it. The trees had started releasing their hideous pollen into the air. The invisible pollen clung to every strand of your hair and followed you into the supposed “pollen-free” zone of your house. Dear Pollen-Riddled Person, I know the terror you felt when you realized your gigantic allergy pills were gone and your nasal spray and eye drops were  way-expired. You must stock up now. Though you may want to shave your head to rid yourself of the pollen-sponge your hair has become, I recommend a scarf or bandanna or Buff headwear to cover your lovely locks. And change your pillowcase often. You can do it, Allergy-Fatigued Friend. I know. I am with you.

That’s my gift to all of you who are miserable from allergies right now.

If you want a copy of this, I will print it, paste it on a colorful notecard and send it to you. Just email me your address (amber.d.stoner@gmail.com).

I could totally do a Writing Together session for people with allergies. We could do a great list poem of all the medicines we take!


2 responses to “What happens in spring…

  1. While I don’t appear to suffer from allergies, I feel your pain and love the imagery you put into words. I immediately thought about having a nasty head cold and wishing dearly for the taste of food to return.

  2. I hope you never get allergies. I’m tempted to wear a face mask that says “I have allergies” and not care one iota about the strange looks I would get.

    Thanks for reading!!

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