Dear Facebook,

Our relationship started over two years ago. We hit it off and accumulated a few close friends in the pre-Timeline days. More and more people friended me. I felt so liked because of you, Facebook. We celebrated running accomplishments, getting a huge boost from the support of friends liking my run for that day or the race of the month. We got along well especially when you tipped me off on how to block all games and use the unsubscribe button.

But then our relationship got complicated. You became intrusive, weaseling your way into all my pockets of time. You stroked my attention- and approval-seeking soul and I kept coming back for more. You knew I was a writer with lots of time alone with my computer, so certainly I needed to connect and promote and get feedback instantly. I had quips, fabulous lunches, minor irritations and cute kid phrases that I simply had to share and Facebook, you were there for me, 24/7. So dedicated, never was there a more dedicated entity. No email, no blog, no texting could keep me as entwined as you.

I would edit a page, then scroll Facebook, then edit a few sentences, then back to Facebook to scroll down your belly for any new comments. And I would see all the repost posts and the “this is so funny” posts and the anxiety-producing fear and anger posts. One day (actually many days), I stopped mid-scroll, staring into the hairy bellybutton of you Facebook and said, aloud, “What am I looking for?”

In my Facebook haze, I didn’t know how to answer that, but a small, slightly strangled, rational voice inside told me that if I hadn’t found it after two years, it was time to move on from this relationship. No more lingering ads, no more navigating our privacy issues, no more endless scrolls in the park.

I thought I needed you, Facebook. After 39 days, I’m certain that I don’t.

Farewell, Facebook. It’s not you, it’s me.


2 responses to “Dear Facebook,

  1. You were right. I did like it. Well said. 🙂

  2. Oh, yes. YES! This is just it! So spot on. And I love the image of a “belly”. What, exactly, AM I looking for? I don’t think I’m finding it anymore, especially since the novelty’s worn off for many folks. When it comes to FB specifically, I’m really struggling with the notion that this is the way the world is and how we communicate now vs. real, tangible interaction that is made up of visits, phone calls, heck I’d settle for an email even (to the extent that it feels more deliberate). Is it that we’re too busy (I don’t personally buy that argument–you just make time for what’s important, and hey, that’s OK, maybe I’m not one of those things. But then why are we still interested in each other’s cute kid pics? Hard.) And, more recently for me on this point, it’s just feeling too one-sided and nosey. Like, I put myself out there, but people aren’t doing the same. What is the point of that? So you can learn all about what I’m doing and report back to others but not share too? Yuck. Sorry — I’m getting carried away here. But I totally see why you quit–I’m not sure I will altogether because that really is the ONLY way some of my “friends” seem to communicate now, and I will (begrudgingly) still settle for that (for now).

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