Monthly Archives: March 2013

A feverish post

Tucked at the bottom of the definition of community I posted earlier, was this definition:

5. a. A group of organisms interacting with one another and with the environment in a specific region. b. The region occupied by a group of interacting organisms.

Well, a community of bacteria and/or viruses has set up camp in my sinuses. Actually, they seem to have built houses and settled in. I’m doing my best to evict the microscopic &%^$ers.
I had no idea sinus infections could be this debilitating. Misery loves company: tell me your story of a sinus infection or being astoundingly sick.

Regularly scheduled programming to resume this week

A math equation:

3 days off school + 5 days at home with ill son + 1 broken fridge + 1 new fridge + 1 weekend writing retreat + 2 conferences + 2 school arts performances + 1 nasty head cold = 0 blog posts

Hence (a fav word of my high school math teacher), blogging about building community will resume this week.

Posts to look forward to:

Legacy, my grandparents and their communities

Writing with the MOMS Club (and 8 young children)

Intuitive writing and music-making, a retreat to remember