Monthly Archives: September 2014

Act as if…

Act as if it were impossible to fail. –Dorothea Brande

What does that look like? How does that change my approach to my day, to my work, to my life? Does that mean I’ve been acting as if it were possible to fail? When I introduced myself as a writer and editor and suggested that I would know how to put together a haiku book, was I doing what Brande prescribes?

I recently read this quote from Brande and it’s sticking with me. Springing to mind in the morning, prompting me out of bed. It’s become the counterweight to all my questioning, doubting thoughts. How will I be able to review a book? Act as if it were impossible to fail. Will I do a good job editing a memoir? Act as if it were impossible to fail. How can I possibly get my house ready for a party? Act as if it were impossible to fail.

It’s a direct order, which I tend to rebel against, but I don’t rebel against this one. I actually feel energized, spurred to action. It’s equal parts direct order and wishful thinking. I can do wishful thinking. And that leads to wishful acting. And somehow that leads to real results. I start thinking, “Well, cool. If it were impossible to fail, I would totally introduce myself, totally just clean this corner today, totally just get down to work.

What would you do if you acted as if it were impossible to fail?