Writing Parties with Rox and Amber

Give the Gift of Your Words

Writing parties are a way to celebrate a group, individual, event, place and more by writing responses to prompts, sharing those words, and collecting them all in a keepsake book.

Your guides, your facilitators, your partners in writing together are Roxanne Sadovsky and Amber D. Stoner. We create a supportive, encouraging atmosphere for the flowing of your words and the sharing of your stories by providing simple, fun word prompts.

At a Writing  party, we would all write together silently, then we would have the opportunity to share. Oh, the stories that emerge!!

For example, if it’s a birthday party, we might warm up with several prompts and then each write a birthday letter to the guest of honor. These letters can be read aloud and, if wanted, ultimately gathered in a keepsake book.

A writing party is an experience. Contact Roxanne (rox@superok.com) or Amber (amber.d.stoner@gmail.com) for information on fees and packages and to schedule a writing party for your next special event (birthday, bridal or baby shower, book club, and more!)


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